Corporate Profile

Founded with Passion, Built with Experience.

Focus Dynamics began in 2002 as a fast developing international business specializing in Energy Efficient Solutions. 15 years later that landscape has evolved dramatically and we have changed.

We are a breed of thinkers and makers. Riding on the advancement that technology has brought about today, we live to revolutionize the F&B, Lifestyle and Entertainment scene in Malaysia by bridging the best of both worlds together. Our blood pulses with adventure and irresistible bolt of vivid energy to ignite your senses. The experiences we create are multi-platform, both on and offline.

Our imaginative flair lies in taking the ordinary and creating something special, something alive, something that makes people feel good about themselves and feel good about life in general. Discover new tastes and fall in love with new favourites as we stimulate your pleasure centre with intriguing new concepts and refreshing experiences from the many projects bubbling in our pipeline. Open our doors, and you open yourself to the colours, chaos and charm of modern lifestyle indulgence.